Sunday, June 8, 2014

Gloria' s Resume

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  1. My Philosophy of education is “ All students can learn and succeed, when given the opportunity and the 21st Century tools to facilitate that learning.”
    Much of the problem in the classroom today, is that the students and the teachers are not on the page. Today’s students live and play in a
    fast pace, nonlinear, interactive environment. Yet they come to school everyday and try to adapt to a learning environment that is linear, and slow in pace. This creates boredom for some students, and can sets the stage for class disruptions, underachievement, and poor attendance. Many students are not engaged in the lessons because of this.
    It is imperative that the technology issues be addressed, because the use of technology in the classroom will continue to grow in all schools.
    There is much talk about the dangers in using the net, especially for children. I feel if children were educated to the ills of the net and give guidance in staying safe online, then the net is a great tool to facilitate learning.